Thursday, March 27, 2014

Amélie on the tube

going on the tube with a three and a half year old is absolutely hilarious, rather surreal and only a bit embarrassing... (i'll save the best one for last)

{waiting on the platform, a Muslim man in a white robe walks past}

'mummy, why does that lady have a beard?' 

{two young guys with One Direction hairstyles get on the tube}

'look mummy, two boys have silly hair' 

'i hope no more silly people get on the tube' 

{tube stops and man stands at door waiting to get off}

'(while pointing at him) is he going to work?' (man nods yes and smiles) 

{man gets on tube and sits down on seat next to us, smelling rather strongly of garlic} 


can't wait to take my little sausage on the tube again. 

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